7. We transfer projects back to your team for ongoing support

We help get new projects and solutions off the ground and work to share our approach and process so your team can continue to support and manage our completed efforts. We do not offer long-term maintenance and support; your team should prepare yourselves or secure resources to take over the work when we are finished.

What does this mean to you?

You should have a plan for long-term support. Do you have an internal tech team with the capacity to run another modern web service? Do you have a plan for handling continued design, content, or customer service needs? If you do not, then you should begin to think through the planning and funding process to have a team lined up to take over the ongoing support of the project usually between six and 12 months after the beginning of the engagement.

Your long-term support should be available throughout the project to transition technical information and materials. Usually your project team will continue to support the project as we transition off, but the technical team may be new. The new team will need time to learn the specifics of the project and implementation; therefore, the new technical team should come onboard before our engagement finishes.