8. We deploy projects using best practice methods and technology

There are some specific technical ways we work that are important for your team to consider when deciding if working with 18F is right for you.

  • We deploy our services in the cloud instead of on-site servers.
  • While we are hosting, operating, and maintaining the software, we own and run Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance processes.
  • We use responsive web design, allowing our sites to be viewed by all screen sizes and across multiple device and browser types.
  • We practice continuous change and continuous deployment of software alongside appropriate testing procedures before deployment. One advantage of this setup is that “change control” systems are not needed for durable development and testing.
  • 18F does not fill a “systems integrator” role on its projects. Sometimes, our services may rely on dependencies where other teams provide support. We’ll work with you to resolve all concerns in the parts of the project we own, but the project’s needs may sometimes require the product owner to seek fixes from administrators of the other systems.
  • We typically develop with market-supported languages used widely in the modern web development community, such as Ruby, Python, or Node.js. We also develop some systems using Go. These languages all strongly support rapid development models, thanks to standard open source code-sharing systems, and each has a vibrant community around it that attracts talented developers. We generally do not develop solutions in .NET, Java, C, or C++.